Our expertise and niche is in the Retail and Consumer products industry.  We have enjoyed developing and building brands across all channels of distribution in the USA and Latin America for over 20 years. In the most recent of years, leading IMUSA to be the #1 Hispanic Cookware and Housewares brand in North America and gaining channel distribution in all traditional channels while maintaining brand and product integrity for each segment.

Prior to IMUSA, some of our brands that enjoyed growth and market placement were such as Victoria®, Universal®, Corona®, Polimes®, Umco®, Baro® are just a few leading Latin American brands who we launched into the U.S. Hispanic Market.

Every company is unique and should be treated as such. Our craft is to create the story for the brand. The “Story” is the cornerstone of our philosophy for the long term success for your brand. Creating and developing a story for your company, product, idea, service and internal flow process requires a 360 degree approach.We not only analyze your products, but review the market and target consumer, develop a strategic plan, supported by a marketing and communication plan that will build a strong partnership between you and your customers and ultimately, your consumers.

Innovation should not be limited to a product, it is essential to all areas of your organization. Whether it is your internal process, external process and team; we will help you build a culture around constant innovation.  Our team can analyze and create innovation processes which will position it for future success and organic growth.